Bring on Winter!

2013-12-11 20:42:33.000 – Tom Padham,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist


This week looks to be a cold and snowy one on the Rockpile, with temperatures falling well below zero and wind chills approaching 60 degrees below at times this week. Temperatures in the surrounding valleys will also be quite frigid Thursday and Friday, with overnight lows falling below zero and highs only in the low to mid teens. If you think this is cold, it was just announced that a new world record low was set back in August of 2010 in Antarctica. The temperature fell to an incredibly cold -135.8 degrees at a region atop the polar icecap known as Dome A. This is actually much more similar to a brisk day on the surface of Mars than temperatures seen elsewhere on our planet.

We also could see a fair amount of snow through this coming shift, which runs from Wednesday to Wednesday. Already over the course of the day Wednesday we’ve officially picked up about 4 inches of snow due to an arctic front moving through, with at least a chance of snow showers for the next 7 days. Sunday in particular could be our snowiest day, with a coastal system dumping at least a few inches of snow by Monday morning. Personally I am looking forward to a chance to see some real cold and snow: Mount Washington style, bring on winter!


Tom Padham,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist

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