Change is Constant

2013-12-23 16:11:58.000 – Mike Carmon,  Weather Observer/Education Specialist

Ever-Shifting Shift, at the Sunset Soiree

Change is the only constant.

This phrase has never rung more true for me than during my last 9 months as an employee of the Mount Washington Observatory.

During my first four years as a weather observer, I worked with long-time Weather Observer/IT Specialist Steve Welsh. However, back in late March, Steve’s time on the summit came to an end, leaving my shift without a shift leader. The powers that be decided that I was capable of stepping into that role, and I assumed Steve’s shift leader role back in April.

Now that I feel as if I’m settling into that niche, wouldn’t you know it, it’s time for another shake-up! Weather Observer/Education Specialist Brian Fitzgerald, a near-2-year veteran of the Mount Washington Observatory’s mountaintop weather station, decided it was time to move on as well, and left the Observatory last week. Once again, my shift was left with some immense shoes to fill, as Brian did a tremendous job communicating our mission to the public through media and education.

Who would fill this role? Well, as it turns out, I will personally be stepping into Brian’s role as Weather Observer/Education Specialist, and relinquishing my position of Weather Observer/Staff Meteorologist that I’ve held since January of 2009. This role will be passed on to Tom Padham, who served as a summit intern from April through November of this year, and then an interim observer up until the present day. In addition, former winter intern Michael Kyle will be joining our shift late this week as our third full-time observer.

I’ll let Tom and Mike Kyle fill you in on their thoughts regarding all these changes in later observer comments, but as for me, this new position as Education Specialist will be a great challenge for me, but one I am thrilled to take on, as I spread the word about the remarkable work summit staff does every single day and night!

It was indeed difficult to say goodbye to a great worker like Brian, just like it was sad to see temporary observer Mike Dorfman move to the opposing shift after helping out our shift quite a bit over this transient time as well, but I’m looking forward to working with Mike Kyle, and continuing to work with Tom and our summit intern Sam during the busy winter months!


Mike Carmon,  Weather Observer/Education Specialist

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