Christmas on the Rockpile

2013-12-25 20:59:33.000 – Jake Fedors,  Research Intern


After I woke up today I fixed myself breakfast and sat down to watch the classic holiday movie ‘A Christmas Story’ which isn’t unusual for a Christmas morning but, this wasn’t a usual Christmas morning for me. This is my first week on the summit of Mount Washington as the Plymouth State winter intern. So far my work on the summit consisted of shadowing the observers and data mining for a research project I am doing with Dr. Eric Kelsey. The project focuses on the effect the topography of New Hampshire has on a cold air damming event, like which stations mix out first and why. So instead of finishing up breakfast and jumping right into research I decided treat myself to a walk around the summit. As I left the observation deck and began to climb over the rime covered rocks I noticed how clear it was. The visibility was 120 miles in every direction and the winds were light compared what they were the night before. As I walked around exploring the area it really hit me how wonderful the opportunity bestowed upon me really was. I have dreamed about working on the top of Mount Washington during the winter since I first toured the observatory as a child and now it’s happening. With this realization that I am living out one of my dreams I couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful Christmas morning.


Jake Fedors,  Research Intern

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