Enjoying The Weather

2014-06-02 18:06:14.000 – Michael Kyle,  Weather Observer


After several shifts of rocky unsettled weather on the summit, this week has finally broken that trend. For the past 48 hours the summit has been in the clear with no precipitation. Visibilities were reaching 85 plus miles yesterday, and even though visibility has dropped slight today it has still been 65 miles or greater. Best of all though; temperatures on the summit have been trending above average. Even pushing into the lower 60’s for a stretch during the afternoon today.

Like Brett mentioned yesterday this weather is too nice not to take advantage of. So in addition to doing some outdoor tasks, I was able to get in a little bit of hiking after work. After a long winter and a busy start to spring, it was nice to get back out on the trails. Plus it gave me a chance to plan my route for seek the peek this year!


Michael Kyle,  Weather Observer

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