Fall In Summer

2013-09-15 23:44:16.000 – Ryan Knapp,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist

Northern fall color starting behind Mt. Jefferson.

When we came up on Wednesday, it felt like summer. It was hot, humid, hazy, and the threat of thunderstorms was off the charts. Technically, it was and is still summer, at least until next Sunday, September 22, 2013 when the Autumnal Equinox occurs. However, Wednesday’s weather was the exception and not the norm as this time of year just starts to feel more like fall than summer here in New England, regardless of what the calendar says. Pumpkin Spice starts showing up in everything on every menu, pools are ‘winterized’, blueberry picking is replaced by apple picking, fairs start springing up, the leaves are changing color and the air in general just has a certain feel to it that signals that fall is here or at least on its way. And that was certainly the case today.

Unlike Wednesday, today was cool with seasonable temperatures (approx. 40F/4C), it was drier, visibility was infinite at times, and there was plenty of sunshine with just some fair weather clouds. So weather wise, it felt like fall to me. However, it was the valleys below that signified the more notable change was on its way as leaves were starting to show color for the Great North Woods and parts of the Mount Washington Valley. They were not vibrant and nowhere near their peak quite yet, but the orange/brown/muted yellow look they take on when they start changing was definitely starting to show. Having seen this vista for a number of years now, I can say, we are not too far off from when the big transition starts to spread across the region providing a wave of color across New Hampshire and New England in general. If you are looking to track it further for yourself you can head to our Fall Foliage page for various links that can further assist you.


Ryan Knapp,  Weather Observer/Meteorologist

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