Kitty Got a New Spot!

2013-11-11 21:01:23.000 – Pratik Patel,  Summit Intern


The weather on the summits for the next 36 hours will be very active and extreme. As the cold front passes through tonight into tomorrow, temperature will plummet to below zero as cold Arctic air settles over the region from the North. In addition, winds will reach cat. 1 hurricane speeds and heavy riming can occur as the summit will be in the fog. Seeing as how the weather outside is getting colder by the day. Marty decided to pick a new spot and get really cozy on top of the Polycom system. The Polycom system you see in the picture is what our education specialists use to host educational programs over the Internet. It is a great tool for teaching kids, adults and senior citizens all over the world about Mt. Washington’s extreme climate.


Pratik Patel,  Summit Intern

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