My Volunteer Week on the Summit

2014-07-08 16:23:20.000 – Candice Huber,  Summit Volunteer


For 35 years I’ve enjoyed hiking in the White Mountains and recently I learned of the volunteer opportunities, here at the Mount Washington Observatory. Now I find myself wrapping up a week during which my home was the summit, surrounded by beautiful rugged peaks and valleys – basically at the top of the world.

Our duties consisted of cooking daily dinners for staff and keeping the quarters clean, and it left plenty of time for exploring the summit and hiking in the alpine zone. This week we encountered some exciting weather – nothing extreme compared to winter weather up here, but for me it was thrilling to watch lightning from inside the storm cloud (through the window) and to venture outside in 80+ mph winds.

Along with the elements and the activity there is so much science and history. And the staff is tremendous – they are all extremely bright, helpful, and fun. While my friends think of me as a bit of a weather geek, I’m nothing compared to the folks up here. They have taught me quite a bit. Not only are these weather facts that they have taught me fascinating, they will also allow me to be better prepared for my next adventure.

I’m trying to soak up as much as I can while I’m here. I know when I’m back to my work-a-day life the daily weather reports will have much more meaning and I won’t be able to help but picture in my mind the clouds, fog, wind, blue skies, and shadows on the mountains. It’s dynamic and thrilling, filled with beauty and danger. And no matter what else is going on, for those moments you are a part of it and everything is right in the world.


Candice Huber,  Summit Volunteer

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