New Intern

2013-09-01 17:05:33.000 – Pratik Patel,  Summit Intern


As a new Intern at the Mount Washington Observatory, I have to say I am very impressed. The people here are extremely friendly and the weather here is absolutely fantastic in the world of Meteorology. I can’t wait to see what this place has in store for me. Working with my team Rebecca, Ryan and Roger has been a great experience so far and I love meeting new people who come to visit the summit. As my internship continues to mature, I will slowly gain more responsibility that will not only help me prepare forecasts, but it will also drastically improve my social skills.

The weather at the summit is nothing like I’ve seen before. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, I’ve had my fair share of moody weather. However, here at the summit, it is a whole new story. The winds will blow at a raging 50-60mph and then quiet down to 10mph within a matter of hours. The summit is mostly engulfed in a wall of Fog. Clear skies are a very rare thing and definitely catch your attention because it offers an unmistakable view of the whole region. You can see several other states, as well as Canada and the Atlantic Ocean. I am glad and very excited to be here working with some of the brightest minds the Observatory has the pleasure of having.


Pratik Patel,  Summit Intern

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