2013-08-06 18:10:59.000 – Kaitlyn O`Brien,  Summit Intern

Daybreak on the summit

This morning I woke up early to catch the sunrise. Sometimes getting out of bed seems to be the hardest thing to do, especially after a previously long day. Nonetheless, a quick glance at the subtle light coming through the window indicated the beginnings of dawn and provided enough motivation for me to hustle and make my way up to the Observation deck. After grabbing my camera, I stepped outside into the cool air. The wind had died down overnight and the air was still. The sun was just peeking out over the horizon and the pink and orange glow lit up the distant ranges.

Sunrises often harbor a lot of symbolism for many people, indicating the start of a new day or a clean slate. No matter what significance it may hold, I only hope everyone can take time once in a while to step away from hectic morning routines and catch this spectacular sight as often as possible!

Observer Footnote: If you’re going to be in North Conway Village Wednesday night and are looking for something educational and fun to do, stop by the Weather Discovery Center for our weekly Science in the Mountains lecture series. These talks occur every Wednesday night at 7PM from now until August 21st. And the best part – they’re all FREE! Tomorrow’s talk will be “State of the Loon”, presented by Harry Vogel, Biologist and Co-chair of the Northeast Loon Study Working Group. We hope you’ll join us!


Kaitlyn O`Brien,  Summit Intern

Spring is Here

March 16th, 2024|Comments Off on Spring is Here

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