Temperatures are Cooling and Winds are Whistling

2014-08-28 19:40:57.000 – Mike Dorfman,  Weather Observer/IT Specialist


Winds are ramping up and temperatures are falling! Winds on the summit are currently gusting 50-60 mph and as a Canadian high pressure builds in overnight, temperatures are expected to sink into the mid 30s. This will make for chilly conditions atop the summit with wind chills making it feel like it is 15-25F on exposed skin. A coating of glaze ice is even possible if the fog sticks around and the temperatures manage to make it to the freezing mark.

Now is the time of year when we begin thinking about making the transition from summer to fall. Temperatures average in the upper 40s for much of the summer. Combining this with much calmer average winds, we can get away with things like occasionally opening windows for some fresh air. We also put up summer instruments that are more typical to a sea-level weather station, such as the RM Young anemometer and the MET-2010 Thermo-Hygrometer. For much of the year, we measure our wind speed with the same instruments used to measure airspeed on airplanes! We have to be cautious this time of year though as we make the transition back to rime and glaze ice season which can easily damage these instrument. Soon we’ll also be putting the bullet-resistant storm windows back on to prepare for the harsh winter conditions a few weeks away. Until then though, we will enjoy the end of summer while it lasts!


Mike Dorfman,  Weather Observer/IT Specialist

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