The Sound of Winter

2013-10-20 16:38:42.000 – Tom Padham,  Summit Intern

Rime along the S. Presi-Ridgeline

After waking up around 5:45 this morning and heading up to weather room, it seemed as if someone flicked a switch and winter had arrived overnight on the summit. Yesterday the small amount of rime ice we saw in the morning hours largely melted by the afternoon as temperatures rose above freezing and skies cleared. This morning I awoke to see our windows were covered with a new layer of ice, and even some light snow was falling. During observer Brian Fitzgerald’s morning radio shows I suddenly heard the frequent ping of snow pellets hitting our windows, almost as if winter were knocking to announce its arrival on the summit.

After the snow had coated the ground and created a very wintry scene, we decided it was time for our famous feline to observe the newly fallen snow. After maneuvering Marty into his EMS jacket, (not an easy task) he took a few steps out onto the observation deck to see the snow for just long enough to grab a photo.

Looking at the weather for the next week, it seems as if winter is here to stay on the summit. A long wave trough will keep the jet stream diving south across the eastern United States, allowing colder air to funnel in from Canada. Temperatures on the summit look to stay near or below freezing for the majority of next week, with several more chances at snow. Looking forward to it!


Tom Padham,  Summit Intern

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