Thoughts From An Outreach Coordinator

2013-08-30 15:28:30.000 – Will Broussard,  Outreach Coordinator


As the Observatory’s Outreach Coordinator, I promote the work of the Observers living and working at the summit of Mount Washington through a variety of formats. I travel to educational conferences and classrooms throughout New England, organize lecture series, museum visits, and distance-learning connections at the Weather Discovery Center in North Conway village, and lead both day and overnight trips to the summit of Mount Washington via the Mt. Washington Auto Road and the Cog Railway. Whether working locally or further afield, I am frequently put in the position of ambassador for Mount Washington, its stakeholders, history, climate and ecology.

My travels have introduced me to a diversity of stories involving Mount Washington. From fond childhood memories of hiking to harrowing accounts of injury, tales of being trapped in the alpine zone during a blizzard to coming upon a breathtaking vista, Mount Washington is many things to many people, and it seems that everyone has an opinion. With so much to say about the Rock Pile, its introduction to strangers can be a difficult task. What results is a presentation about a mountain with many moods, fed by stories told in deep respect and admiration. Weaving these stories in with the experience of those people living at the Mount Washington Observatory is an ongoing effort, and important work that must continue as it has for more than 80 years.

To learn more about our educational offerings, check out If you are interested in hosting an Outreach or Distance-Learning program in your school or community center, please contact me directly at I look forward to hearing from you!


Will Broussard,  Outreach Coordinator

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