Weather And Food

2014-03-05 20:20:43.000 – Michael Kyle,  Weather Observer

Summit Volunteer Ernie Cooking Dinner

When talking to people about working for the Mount Washington I usually get a flood of questions covering a variety of topics. There are two topics that normally arise in every conversion: weather and food. Being that Mount Washington is known worldwide for its extreme weather I always expected to get questions about the weather. I am usually surprised when people ask me about what we do for food. Normally people are surprised when I tell them that I eat normal home-made meals just like I do at home. They seem even more surprised when I tell them that we have volunteers come up with us every shift week, and these volunteers help us by cooking and cleaning through the week.

Many people ask me how they can become a summit volunteer after hearing about it; so I tell them that first they have become a member of the Mount Washington Observatory and then sign up for a summer volunteer week. The mandatory summer volunteer week is to make sure that everyone volunteering can handle cooking for large groups as well as the isolation of being on the summit for eight days. So if this is something that interests you, check out our volunteer page for more information.


Michael Kyle,  Weather Observer

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