Winter Is Here!

2013-12-05 17:25:37.000 – Pratik Patel,  Summit Intern


The snowcat is officially operational and was put into use for the first time this winter season during our shift change yesterday. During winter trip season, we use the snowcat to transport people up and down the mountain safely. Since the facility is closed for the winter to the general public, the Mount Washington Observatory offers winter trips, which is a unique opportunity for folks who want to experience the extreme winter conditions up on the summit. You can enjoy an in-depth guided tour of the summit area and pick the brains of our extremely knowledgeable staff to learn about the harsh conditions that exist up on the summit. So if you’re thinking of taking a trip this winter, come joins us during our winter trip season and experience the EXTREME in extreme Mt. Washington. Winter Day Trip


Pratik Patel,  Summit Intern

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